Shed of the Year Announced: The Rugby Pub

shed of the year photo

I had the honour of serving as a juror on the prestigious Shed of the Year competition held during National Shed Week in the UK. Since in the US jurors are allowed to talk about what went on in the jury room, I can say that Tim in Suffolk did a wonderful job with his pub shed, with complex framing and difficult trapezoidal skylights (and a long description of the troubles he had building it.) Considering that Tim had never built anything before, and he had all that beer, it is surprisingly well done. "No phone, no TV ,no interruptions, no shortage of liquid refreshment, no inclination to go any where else and no need to. " ah, but no bathroom either.

However, I think notice should be taken of the runner-up, who got my top vote.

simon kirby shed photo

Simon Kirby built his shed from old pallets and packing crates in an allotment garden at Wash Common. He writes "In all it’s taken me five weeks to build and has cost me £40. I love it. I wouldn’t have a bought shed if you paid me. It’s very environmentally-friendly because the pallets just go to land-fill and it’s a wonderful bit of self-expression."


"The door took a bit of time to build. It’s a frame of four-by-one clad with butted planks. The fancy pattern braces the frame and lets the rain run out to the sides rather than drive through the door. It’s quite heavy so it’s held on with three hinges. There’s no bolt because i don’t plan on locking it - if someone’s going to nick my kettle they’re going to do it whether I lock the shed or not so I’d just as soon they didn’t damage my shed while they’re at it. And in any event, I’d be very unlucky to get broken into because Wash Common is a really safe area."


The pub shed is great, but a rustic shed built from recycled pallets to provide a spot to rest while growing your own food in an allotment garden- that's TreeHugger.

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