S4 Concept Home

Does this house look modular to you? Not to us, either. No nameless, faceless modules to this prefab, oh no. In Tekton Architecture’s S4 Concept Home, each type of module gets a handy designation based on its function:

• S – served spaces (living room, bedroom, etc.)
• S1 – service spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, utility, circulation)
• S2 – storage (closets and room dividers)
• S3 – stairway

Put ’em together, and it all adds up to S4. It’s more flexible than it sounds, too: look in the extended post for a comparison of the module layout and finished floorplan, which shows the modules blurring into each other. The plug-and-play theory of the modules also extends to pricing—each has...

...a base price that, added together with a 2.5% design fee, give an estimate of the final cost. A 2,050 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms weighs in just under $200,000 USD. But is it green? Yep. FSC certified wood siding and Hardipanel are two of the options for finishing the exterior. Bamboo flooring and plywood comes standard, and a solar system is an optional extra. Recycled content countertops are available, too. Since each house is designed individually with the standard components, S4 can be configured for a nice off-grid spot out in the woods, or for a slim urban infill lot. We’ll take 3 Ss, 2 S1s, and an S2.... Via fabprefab ::S4 Concept Home (pdf) ::Tekton Architecture [by KK]

S4 Concept Home
• S – served spaces (living room,