Runner-up on Radical Innovation hotel design competition plugs right in

Slot Hong Cong
© Natalie Kwee & Caio Barboza

The Radical Innovation Award is a "competition for professionals and students to create a new strategy that solves hotel industry problems and creates new opportunities for guests and investors." As in many competitions, the runners-up are more interesting than the finalists. This year they have changed the format and have picked two finalists that have to bash it out at a big hotel conference in Las Vegas in May. But they did announce an honorable mention, S_LOT by Natalie Kwee & Caio Barboza.

It is a sort of plug-in room that goes into a frame, similar to many that have been shown over the years of this competition. The designers claim that it begins with pre-existing vertical parking structures.

As car use decreases, (thank you, Citibike!) we propose that the SLOT hotel reappropriate these structures; extending their lifespans and lowering the hotel's carbon footprint (yay, sustainability!)

The walls are lined with what looks like a form of slat-wall so that furniture can be hung on the walls, and bookshelves or other accessories can be easily installed.

Circulation between units and grade is not quite explained, but it all looks like good fun.

And the renderings are spectacular. See the whole package here.

Runner-up on Radical Innovation hotel design competition plugs right in
S-Lot, by Natalie Kwee & Caio Barboza,puts little houses into unused vertical parking structures.

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