RR House by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos


Itamambuca in the state of Sao Paulo has intense humidity, hot sun, heavy rain and lush vegetation, and evidently lots of bugs and other things running around.

points us to the RR House, where Andrade Morettin Arquitetos' solution to this was to build a box within a box, the exterior shell having an ingenious system of fiberglass screens and nets.


According to the Google translation, "Owners can therefore relax, surrounded by a permeable, transparent membrane, which allows the entry of sea breezes to the center of this high-tech cave without inviting endless supply of invertebrates in the region."


It is apparently prefabricated "for low cost and accelerated construction."


Inside, "the sensation of being out on a platform in the jungle is reinforced by hammocks hung casually in the frame."


I really like the exposed industrial materials; the chimney from the fireplace even has one of those perforated guards one sees on transport truck exhausts. ::Blog de Casas via ::Materialicious


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