Royal Homes Q Prefab House

One house isn’t enough for the many people dwelling in Michigan and Ontario who have a cottage Up North to retreat to. You know that a vacation home isn’t the most efficient use of resources, but you still want to get out of the smelly city for a while—what do you do? Call Royal Homes and ask for Q, a prefab house that understands the outdoors is your open-plan living room. As with other prefabs, factory manufacturing of Q cuts down on energy and waste; the compact size of the house reduces energy needs inside. Putting this one up on stilts minimizes the impact of the house on the site. Royal’s also prepping to build a Q with FSC lumber and floors by Marmoleum, both of which get the TH salute. Royal Homes is all about informing you, too: they run a prefab blog to check out when you’re done salivating over what we’ve got here. ::Q and the environment ::Q [by KK]