Retro Renault Showroom Built Out of Colorful Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are often used in questionable ways, but they make wonderful temporary structures. They are designed to move; that's why they have expensive corner castings and can be stacked nine high. That makes them perfect for this temporary pavilion on Paris's Seguin Island, formerly the site of a Renault factory and soon to be a massive redevelopment designed by Jean Nouvel.

Designed by Mahn Architectures, the Pavilion describes the history of the island back to the middle ages, through the Renault era and forward to 2018.

It's made from 15 20' and 40' shipping containers, nicely painted in different colours and sitting on a gray steel frame.

It's a massive site, you can just make out the pavilion to the right of the bridge. Found on Designboom; More information at L'ile Sequin website

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