Rehabbed Trailer Becomes Cheap Chic Weekend House

Bright? Open? This doesn’t look like any trailer home we know. But that’s exactly what it is: a double-wide trailer—vintage 1978—refurbished by Carol Troy, who thinks trailer parks are more loathed than they should be. Some of the settings, she says, are actually quite attractive, and she was able to avoid local planning regulations because trailers are covered by federal code instead. And it was the only way she could afford a weekend home in the astronomically expensive Napa Valley region.We know there’s not much that will convince many of you that trailers are anything but the most hideous scourge on the housing market, but refurbishing an existing structure is often greener than even the most enviro-conscious new home. Rather than writing off trailers as tacky, Troy opened up her trailer’s floorplan, installed a new flat-packed kitchen, put down a new floor, and made the place into a weekend retreat any of us would be comfortable in (even if we’d choose to decorate differently). She’s now planning to use green materials to develop a nationally marketed Cheap Chic trailer, with a price-tag goal of around $100,000—a good deal cheaper than many of the reasonably priced prefab projects we’ve seen. Via Royal Homes Modern [by KK]