Red+Housing Emergency Housing by OBRA Architects

emergency housing china design prefab front photo

So many architects have tried their hand at emergency housing; Cameron Sinclair has shown many pictures of little domes and boxes that the people move out of the first chance they get. Now OBRA architects present their version, for an exhibition on on emergency housing at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.

emergency housing china design prefab drop photo

The architects write:

Architecture on the Edge of Survival involves the development of an original prototype of emergency housing for future potential deployment in areas of natural or man-made disaster anywhere in the world. Emergency housing from the point of view of design is only an extreme form of architecture. Its context is that of almost unsustainable conditions, and its object, the creation of an environment we can inhabit temporarily while living on the edge.

Red+Housing is proposed with the knowledge that, when living on the edge of survival, action needs to be decisive and precise. By definition, an emergency will arise suddenly and demand fast response, but the immediate actions we take can have long-term consequences.

emergency housing china design prefab interior photo

The architects list "10 Points of Architecture on the Edge of Survival" which can be read on Dailytonic here.

emergency housing china design prefab construction photo

Nice looking unit, but that is a lot of wood for what is effectively a tent. More at Dailytonic and the architect's website