Reaction Housing Stacks Up Against Trailers

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In the prefab biz there is always the tradeoff between modular, where one has to ship a lot of air at great cost but it is delivered almost complete, and flatpack, where shipping is much cheaper because one can pack more units in a smaller space, but need a lot more assembly time and energy. That is why FEMA bought trailers; they may each have to be towed into place but they are complete inside.

The Reaction Housing System adds a new idea to the mix: they developed a tapered design that stacks up like a pile of coffee cups or take-out containers, delivering a finished building envelope without shipping a lot of air. Take what would be the coffee cup lid and put it on the ground as the floor, and you have an instant housing unit. Brilliant.

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The basic unit, the Exo:

provides private living and sleeping quarters for a family of four within a climate-controlled environment. An Exo is durable enough to be stored on a long-term basis and flat packs for efficient storage and transportation. Electrical power is delivered via a special connector line that powers each unit's lighting and four wall outlets


The exo shells can be linked together with connector modules to make a virtually complete house.


However if I was Marianne Cusato of Katrina Cottage fame or even Michael "Heck of a job, Brownie" Brown of FEMA, I would take serious umbrage with the above comparison:

-to be comparable with either, the Exo would need three modules instead of one, making it $15,000 instead of $5,000;
-a Katrina cottage is not designed as temporary emergency housing, but as complete permanent housing, and is not comparable;
-just because the FEMA trailers were $65,000 and single use does not mean that all trailers are. Properly designed without toxic materials, and not ordered in a panic by incompetents, trailers cost a lot less and are as reusable as the EXO would be.

Such comparisons of apples and oranges do not serve them well, and taint what is a really interesting idea. More at Reaction Housing

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