Re-Growth Pod Goes From Concept To Reality

regrowth prefab on truck photo

Images from 1:1 architects

We previously covered the Re-Growth Pod, the concept of a prefabricated dwelling that can be delivered quickly after a disaster, can in the short term stand alone, and in the longer term, "from little things big things grow." It had the virtue of acting as a fireproof safe room with a two hour rating.

Now it is past the concept stage, as we see the prototype being installed.

regrowth prefab being lifted photo

That is no "tread lightly on the landscape" prefab- it is a vault. I think of paraphrasing Roy Schieder in Jaws: "Gonna need a bigger crane."

regrowth prefab in place photo

But they seem to have got it into place. It is an interesting idea for housing in all kinds of situations: a fireproof, bombproof, earthquake proof panic room as the core of a house, complete with kitchen and washroom and water supply.

Via Archdaily

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