Re-Growth Pod: "From Little Things Big Things Grow"

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Here is an interesting idea for the rebuilding of fire-ravaged Australia that might be appropriate in other parts of the world that are subject to wildfires. It is a precast concrete prefab dwelling unit that can stand alone or act as the core of a rebuilt dwelling. In time of need, it can act as a safe refuge- it has a two hour fire rating.
1:1 Architects evidently have used the precast technology for student residences.

The robust pre-fabricated concrete structure has been designed to be built upon, but in the short term acts as a habitable starting point for the building of a new home. The units can be prefabricated, delivered and connected to services rapidly allowing families to begin the process of re-building without displacement from their communities.

regrowth pod plans

There is a service pod option that can act as the core of a new home that is built around a full bathroom that is big enough to act as a refuge, and a bedroom pod version where the bathroom starts out with a certain lack of privacy.

the lift-up awning is a safety feature, acting "as a safety awning to ensure escape access is possible from refuge."

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More at Regrowth Pod via Arch Daily

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