Puma City: Container Retail by Lot-Ek


photos by Danny Bright

Nobody does shipping container architecture like Lot-ek, one of the originals. They have designed a demountable retail space for Puma, with "with large double heights as well as with 4-container-wide open spaces to challenge the modular box-quality of the container inner space; offices, press area and storage occupy the second level and a bar, lounge and event space with a large open terrace is at the top."


Love that cantilever! I wouldn't think you could do that.


"The building uses 40-foot long shipping containers as well as a number of the existing container connectors to join and secure containers both horizontally and vertically. Each module is designed to ship as conventional cargo container through a system of structural covering panels that fully seals all of its large openings to be removed on site to re-connect the large, open interior spaces."


Plug n' play...

"Puma City is a truly experimental building that takes full advantage of the global shipping network already in place. At 11,000 square feet of space, it is the first container building of its scale to be truly mobile, designed to respond to all of the architectural challenges of a building of its kind, including international building code, dramatic climate changes, plug-in electrical and HVAC systems and ease of assembly and operations."


World Architecture, ecosystema urbana via noticiasarquitectura

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