Prouve Prefab Sells for $4.97 Million


It won't be TreeHugger World Headquarters after all; Hotelier Andre Balazs, owner of the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, The Mercer in New York and The Raleigh in Miami, picked up the Maison Tropicale Prouve prefab for 4,968,000. For those who follow such things, that is $ 5,028 per square foot for a house with no heating, plumbing or windows. According to Balazs, `I just love Prouve,'It belongs back in the tropics.''

According to Bloomberg: Christie's erected the house on an industrial stretch of land on the banks of the East River in Long Island City, Queens, allowing it to be viewed from May 17 to June 4 -- a rare Christie's exhibit that required portable toilets. ``It's not like a conventional piece of real estate,'' said Philippe Garner, Christie's head of 20th century decorative arts and design. ``There is the added value that it can be taken and set up anywhere. It comes with its passport and is ready to go.'' ::Bloomberg