Project Frog Breaks Ground at Watkinson School


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Jim Kunstler, in his speech at the Ontario Heritage Conference, complained that we build schools like prisons; tiny windows, controlled access, high fences. "You are telling children that education is punishment when you build these schools." And most school portables are reminiscent of the sheds in Stalag 17 or the Great Escape. That is why I loved the prototype of Project Frog's reinvention of the portable at Greenbuild.

Now they have broken ground on a complex of them for The Center for Science and Global Citizenship at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut.


interior at greenbuild

From the press release:

Incorporating the ideal learning environment into the greenest, most sustainable commercial building solution available, the 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art science center will feature 75 percent energy-demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, superior air quality, fungible user technology, microclimate customization and advanced climate controls in an easy to configure package. Constructed of mainly of recyclable materials, the Center will generate more energy within its footprint than is required to operate its systems.

I completely agree with the Head of Watkinson School about the importance of architecture on how kids learn: "Just imagine what's possible when a building is as smart and dynamic as the students and faculty who live in it."


City College of San Francisco

The press release tells us that they are going for a whole new category of LEED: "Project FROG's smart building systems are baseline LEED Sliver."

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see also a great tour of the prototype at Jetson Green

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