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Four years ago, when writing about The Digital House, I wrote:

Imagine ordering a custom house, connecting lightweight, manageable pieces without a crane, living in a house where the framing is furniture quality and you don't even want to cover it with drywall. This is truly the future.

That future gets closer every day, and the future will be open sourced with WikiHouse.

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WikiHouse is an Open Community Construction Set. Its aim is to make it possible for almost anyone, regardless of their formal skills, to freely download and build structures which are affordable and suited to their needs.

You download the plans and cut them out on a CNC router, then bolt them together into a frame, which are set at 2 feet on centre. when you bolt on the exterior panels you have a rigid structure.

wikihouse downloadable designs image

Anyone will be able to simply go into Google Sketchup, combine and adapt components, then hit "Make this house" and send instructions to the CNC router.

wikihouse downloadable designs image

Four years ago I thought the digital house would come in a box. How primitive; now you just print it out on site. This is truly the future. More at WikiHouse, found on ArchDaily
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