Primary School Classroom Built Out Of Single Shipping Container

Tsai Design Studios of Cape Town, South Africa built the Vissershok Container Classroom for " a rural school where most pupils are children of farm workers and underprivileged communities" on a very limited budget. It's made from an uninsulated 40 foot steel shipping container with a hat on top.

The designer writes:

The container serves as a classroom in the morning for Grade R students and a small library in the afternoon for the entire Vissershok Primary School. The large roof shelters the container from direct sunlight while the gap reduces heat gain. Cross ventilation is achieved through a series of colorful windows located on each side of the container.

Now Tsai Design studio is local and very talented and knows the climate, but I cannot help thinking that that is still going to be one very hot, crowded box. The sun still shines on the sides, and it's not even painted white.

There are windows for ventilation, but awning windows have the smallest opening area of any kind of window, just a few inches at the bottom. They are small enough that appears that electric lights still have to be on for the kids to see. Inhabitat calls it a "bright and inspiring learning space". I don't know what to call it, other than probably uninhabitable. This is one to revisit in a year or two.

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