Preform Modern Prefabs

preform modular modern prefab exterior photo

These are tough times for modern prefab, but for every company going out of business, there are others willing to try. Vancouver architect Tony Robins offers his Preform line, built in Surrey, British Columbia, "close to the river for barging and to the highway for road shipping." He has built a single module 500 square foot prototype, but offers larger or custom designs as well from his 20,000 square foot factory.

preform modular modern prefab interior photo

It is not a breakthrough design, although there is some nice detailing, and a good list of green features, noted on Vancouver website Architecture Wanted:

  • green roof
  • recycled and reclaimed wood products
  • use of FSC certified, non-formaldehyde products
  • instantaneous hot water heater
  • warm in-floor heating
  • low voltage light fixtures for energy conservation
  • low-E double glazing
  • simple building form
preform modular modern prefab window detail photo

Like most modular homes, the units leave the factory almost completely finished. Robins told Canadian Architect "The prefabrication model has proven itself elsewhere, but I haven't seen anyone shipping the final product so completely like this." Michelle Kaufmann might take issue with that statement, and it is a single module unit where he doesn't have to worry about the connections, but it is nicely finished. Canadian Architect also suggests that it will cost 15% less than conventional construction.

preform modular modern prefab facade photo

More information at Preform Construction

preform modular modern prefab green roof photo

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