Prefabulous in London: A Review


Guest Treehugger Bonnie Alter reports from London
Prefabulous is a new exhibition by the NLA ( New London Architecture) which attempts to explain how prefab housing can "answer the need for new homes in the capital" (London England). The exhibition consists of a series of white boards, each with an alphabetical theme—from A is for affordable, all the way to Z is for zero defects.

For the true afficionado there is a lot of interesting information about architects and companies involved in the field. Some of the panels show projects completed such as the container houses at Trinity Buoy Wharf by Urban Space Management (shown above). There are concrete modules by MoVoCoSy (Arup), modules with extra glazing ( Atelier One), prefabs built in Krakow. (The Buma System, PDF here) Some panels discuss issues such as R for repetition (of the same unit) opposition (by the neighbours) and urban context. Others discuss theoretical issues such as V for volumetrics.

prefab 001.jpg

The display is all a bit basic—ernest, simple, well meaning but lacking in any excitement. Often the NLA produces a handy booklet to take away but it isn't available yet. All in all a broad sampling of the issues and existing producers and suppliers in the field in England. ::Prefabulous

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