Prefabs in the Trees

Every Friday we race to Inhabitat to see what fabulous new prefab Sarah and Jill have found, and today they present a Treehugger prize- the Boase concept from Denmark, bringing bioremediation, compact living and prefab together in one treehugging prefab in the sky. Unlike other treehouse type projects we have shown, this one grows with the trees, creating green space as well as housing. They choose trees for their ability to bioremediate and beautify contaminated soil. "Our vision is to live in a forest in the city. In between the trees, raised above the ground on columns where you can touch the leaves and see over the rooftops...a supplement to the existing ways of urban living. By transforming contaminated urban areas the settlement takes back inaccessible land. For people living a life of different approaches to work, place and privacy." ::force4 via ::Inhabitat

This treehugger doesn't do posts on treehouses, considering them invasive and not much of an improvement of what is already there. This idea is different- it treads very lightly on the land and creates a new green environment that offsets much of the damage residential construction causes. Instead of chopping down trees and using up good land to build houses, it takes brownfield sites and cleans them. What could be more treehugger?


love the stair...