Prefab woodscraper proposed with "elastic living" apartments inside

© Architekt DiplIng Leonhard Weingartner

German architect Leonhard Weingartner is giving Michael Green's Tall Wood some competition with his Elastic Woodscaper. It's got everything you can think of and a whole lot that you can't in a 650' prefab wood wonder. Weingartner describes it as: affordable-, dense-, low maintenance, off grid Residential-Leisure-Office Tower made 70% in wood with up to 9 minimal skycubes on a landscaped shared space with a lobby, a cafe, a gym, an urban farming club and an e.mobility club.

The building has a concrete core with 5 elevators and emergency stairs that is poured first; then a crane lifts the prefabricated skycubes up and fastens them in place. It is clad in triple-glazed electrochromic glass that tints as voltage is applied, and also has an "integrated LED matrix" that puts on a light show of " comprehensive three-dimensional light choreography" when someone enters an apartment.

It is off-grid, powered by wind, solar and a CHP- combined heat and power station. " Smart Home software will provide comfort, safety and the efficient use of energy on a smartphone app without endangering privacy or freedom."

Weingartner explains the importance of building with wood.

My Design for the elastic_WOODSCRAPER redefines the discussion of where we will see customized Mass Timber in the future of the world’s skylines. As we pursue the solar and green energy solutions we must consider that we are surrounded by a building material that is manufactured by nature, a material that is beautiful, renewable, durable, strong and safe. Mass timber structures are capable of meeting fire and life safety needs while staying within cost competitive marketplace conditions.

The unit interiors are designed using Angelo Roventa's Elastic Living concept, where different spaces are created by sliding modules on tracks. We have seen this concept before on TreeHugger, recently in a Madrid apartment. Roventa's is definitely a more polished version.

Here it is, shown by CLEI in Milan in 2013.

Weingartner believes that there are four new and necessary qualities for highrise towers:

-a dense and yet fun, free and sharing way of life with nature
- a tiny carbon footprint fit for our grand children, saving resources, off grid

- an emotional icon for our cities that makes us all confident and really, truly proud
- affordable housing for everyone everywhere

That's a tough list for a building with CLEI furnishing, electrochromic LED impregnated glass and free WiFi, but what's a heaven for. More at Weingartner Architects

Prefab woodscraper proposed with "elastic living" apartments inside
We love wood, we love prefab and we certainly love grand visions. This has it all.

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