Prefab Trybo Cottage Was a Hit in 1969


trybo norwegian prefab exterior photo

It is a problem that continues to this day: the depopulation of the harsher regions of northern countries, the conversion of jobs from resource extraction, farming and making things to scooping ice cream for tourists or building cottages.

In Norway, The Trybocottage was "designed in response to two needs. The first was to create more work in an area of depopulation. The other was to produce a holiday house which was easy to erect and would fit into the landscape, as part of a plan to develop tourism in the region."

trybo norwegian prefab interior photo

"The cottage itself was designed by Hans 0sterhaug of Arkitim, a firm of architects; his colleague Edvin Helseth,of the same firm, was responsible for the furniture and fittings. It is buiIt of fulIy insulated prefabricated sections on a onemetre module, 4 or 5 metres wide and 12 to 16 metres long, the smallest floor area being 4 metres x 12 metres. The structural material is spruce, the fixtures and furniture are of untreated pine; all the parts are based on the quality gradings of the local sawmill, suitable material first being sorted in the forest. All the production and assembly sequences are kept as uncomplicated as possible, taking into account the unsophisticated plant and machinery in Trysil which is operated by relatively unskilled labour. The widths of the components were determined by lorry capacity."

trybo norwegian prefab furniture photo

The simple furniture predates IKEA:

"Trybo furniture was designed on a similar modular basis to the cottage, to make best use of the space. Designs are simple, using only right angles and straight lines, with frames held together by cross bars and secured by wooden dowels. All the furniture can be delivered packed flat in boxes. Details of | the adjustable arm- I chair, left, show the| standard finish." ::Design Journal via ::Apartment Therapy

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