PowerPod: Small Green Prefabs from a New PowerHouse


Powerhouse is a new name to us in the green prefab biz; the Lawrence, MA company's President Quincy Vale previously was involved in the Massachusetts Green Buildings Program, and its design principal , John Rossi, is LEED accredited, so they have serious credentials. They are building some relatively conventional sized and designed projects (see installation of one here) with green materials, solar power, and radiant floors, but I am really attracted to their PowerPod, shown above.


First problem to be solved on any modular unit is how you get under bridges; they have developed a very clever butterfly popup roof.


Plans are simple and straightforward. Materials are sustainably sourced. It has active solar, rainwater collection, SIP walls, and radiant floors, which are terrific if you are going to build on piers instead of a basement, but an expensive decision. And we like piers; they are less destructive to the landscape and need less site work.

The modular green prefab biz is full of difficult choices and tradeoffs. The Powerhouse people appear to have thought about them carefully here. Small, green, just drop it in place, what could be better? More at ::PowerPod from ::Powerhouse


I like the way they have the popup made with different materials; it is so difficult to match the factory built stuff from the site installed finishes. There are no issues when it is different.



No pretense in the interior either; you can see the trim covering the joint between the popup and the clerestory. They appear even to be painted a different colour.