Portuguese Prefab Has Movable, Customizable Walls

One of the problems of prefabricated housing has been that economies of scale are hard to achieve; everybody wants customization, which adds to administration and construction costs. It is never quite off the shelf. Mima Architects from Portugal have come up with an interesting way of dealing with this problem: They have designed their Mima House on a five foot grid, and the purchaser can order up wall or window panels as desired. These can then be installed and moved according to whim.

There is a track system built into the floor and ceiling to make it easy to place the partitions or windows.

Too much sun? Add a solid exterior panel to the exterior to cut down solar gain.

The 360 square foot unit has a simple, straightforward plan. According to Designboom, "the cost of the structure is comparable in cost to a mid-range car."

The architects have set up the purchasing and development process so that the customer can make the decisions of what interior and exterior panels they want, and then the architects will send out a physical model for review. Lovely. More at Mima

Portuguese Prefab Has Movable, Customizable Walls
Flexible system lets you rearrange interiors according to your needs

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