Pod Shelters

the pod.jpg
Inspired by the Dymaxion vision of TH hero Bucky Fuller, Pod temporary shelters are easy to put together and take apart, contain only a few simple parts, and almost anyone—including those not so good at math—can put them together. They’re great fun in either urban or rural settings, or could be used as emergency shelters. Additionally, Pods utilize an integrated panel design which eliminates the use of separate frame and cover; make air flow and insulation a part of the functional panel design; use low-cost, recycled, and recyclable materials; can produce a variety of structures with a minimum of parts; and are extremely strong, yet lightweight and inexpensive...Their simple design also makes them easy and fast for potential manufacture in most any major city (which would save on transport energy output). Playa-tried, -tested, and
-approved! Available in a variety of sizes for various different uses. Thanks for the tip, Michele W! $899-5,999 ::The Pod [by MO]