PLATOON Opens Cultural Center Built From Shipping Containers in Berlin

PlatoonPLATOON/Promo image

A few years back we showed PLATOON's Theater Space Built From 28 Shipping Containers in Seoul; now Lori Zimmer of Inhabitat visits their new facility in Berlin, made from 34 shipping containers. Zimmer describes it:

PLATOON Kunsthalle is stacked to form an open atrium inside, and it is divided into four floors, an outdoor plaza, and adjacent outdoor project space. The steel end caps of the shipping container stacks have been cut away and replaced with glass, allowing light to flood in through the building’s front façade.

PlatoonPlatoon/Promo image

Platoon describes it themselves:

8 trucks.
2 cranes.
And 40 cargo containers.
But what is it?
It is not an office.
It is not a gallery.
And it's definitely not a hotel.
Get ready for a place for inspiration and courage.
A playground for the city - right out of the box.

out of the box from PLATOON on Vimeo.

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