Plant Room: Clip-On Shed For Apartment Buildings

plantroom clipped on to building

Those of us lucky enough to have yards can consider a garden shed as way of getting a little more space. But what about those in apartments and condominiums? They don't have basements or spare rooms or space for a shed.

The Plant Room solves this problem. It is a "a prefabricated room that bolts-on to a variety of existing apartment types, improving the quality of living, reducing energy and water use, and generally making the building more sustainable."

plant room on building image

Developed as an entry in the The Sustainable Habitat Challenge (ShaC 09), it " provides hot water for one occupant and a healthy growing space for herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round. It also offers a worm farm, a rainwater tank, an outdoor space and an enclosed room.

It shades the apartment to avoid summer overheating and collects hot air to circulate warmth in the winter. It is designed to improve the quality of apartment living while reducing the energy and water use of it's occupants."

Interesting idea from the Plant Room., via Shedworking.

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