Pedia-Pod aims to "make kids feel like they're not in a hospital"

pre-fab design
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One of the highlights of this year's Greenbuild is the Pedia-Pod in Building Design+Construction's Green Zone. The Pedia-Pod is designed to accommodate both a child needing medical care and a caregiver or family member.

The 14-foot by 42-foot pre-fab unit was built by NRB and features a number of sustainable design elements. According to NRB, it's worthy of LEED Gold application.

Designer Emily Young said her objective was "to make kids feel like they're not in a hospital." This includes the cheerful green paint, a wall with dry erase coating for drawing, and a tree-theme throughout the room.

One end of the pod is outfitted with a bathroom and two medical supply stations. A small hospital bed divides the space, and at the other side is a multipurpose space for play and meals. The space features several pieces of transforming furniture from Resource Furniture, including a bed and tables. The bed folds up to hide behind a 7-foot couch, and provides family members or a caregiver with a space to sleep. The bed is outfitted with a biodegradable mattress that doesn't off-gas and the lacquers are water-based, which means both are suitable for use in spaces for people with chemical sensitivities. The tables fold down from the wall, one adjusted to a child's height and another for an adult.
pre-fab design© NRB, Inc

The pod also features energy-efficient windows, water-saving plumbing and a wheelchair-accessible ramp.

Although the Pedia-Pod is designed to be a standalone unit, it's easy to imagine many of the design features being incorporated into a high capacity hospital or adapted for home-care use.

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Pedia-Pod aims to "make kids feel like they're not in a hospital"
This pediatric care unit showcases how sustainable and kid-friendly design can come together.

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