Passive R-House Wins AIA Housing Award

Image Credit Richard Barnes

A year ago we showed sketches of the R-House in Syracuse That Can Be Heated With A Hair Dryer. This 1100 square foot Passivhaus, designed by Della Valle Bernheimer and Architecture Research Office is now complete and has just won an AIA Housing Award. As one juror note, it is "A new slant on sustainability!"

r house passivhaus principles

I loved their simple explanation of passivhaus principles; it says it all.

r house interior image passivhaus

Image Credit Della Valle Bernheimer

The completed interior is as dramatic as the rendering promised.

The AIA writes some notes of interest about the house:

This prototype residence in Syracuse, New York, is called "R-House." The design was a competition-winner as part of an initiative to revitalize the blighted Syracuse neighborhood of Westside. R-House presents an affordable, innovative paradigm: minimal- to- net-zero energy consumption embodied in architecture that is meant to nurture the spirit and engage the community as much as it is meant to perform in terms of cost and sustainability.....

The durability and adaptability of the design, as well as the superior energy efficiency, are made affordable due to simplicity of form and modesty of materials. This makes R-House a vital tool for strengthening the physical and social structure of the Westside neighborhood, and for building a resilient community.

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