Pasadena EcoHouse by Studio RMA


Two years ago we wrote about Green Sandwich panels; then a year ago about BASF's spectacularly ugly Near Zero Energy Home, promoting their version of a green sandwich panel; now Studio RMA has taken the technology and built what one could truly call a new Case Study House, combining new technology with some classic California modernist design, and aiming for LEED Platinum.


Studio RMA describes the system on their site devoted to SCIPs (structural concrete insulated panel)

"In a SCIP (structural concrete insulated panel) building all the walls, floors and roofs are made of prefabricated foam panels with robotically welded mesh on each side and a 3-D truss system welded through the center foam panel. Applying a concrete skin to both sides of the panel brings strength to the structure.

Each entire panel is made of recycled materials. The building can be erected rapidly by connecting the panels for walls, roofs and floors. Concrete coatings on each side of the panel give these structures tremendous strength, fire resistance and great insulation.

Because of it's monolithic structure- the panel components are connected by mesh reinforced concrete - this building system allows for very expressive sophisticated architectural designs with extreme strength."


The designer describes the plan: "One of the most important factors that makes a home "user-friendly" is having plenty of well-planned and spacious storage. The Pasadena EcoHouse is designed with both specific-use storage spaces (such as the kitchen pantry and the bathroom linen cupboards) as well as flexible-use storage spaces (such as the cabinets that line the main hallway.) This forethought ultimately helps the occupants of the home keep things well-organized, but also serves the purpose of helping to maintain the overall clean, simple style of the home."


I just love the model. ::Studio RMA site requires registration to see some of it. Via Preston at ::Jetson Green
and ::Pangaya Blog


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