Party Dress: The Ultimate in Movable Architecture


Components: Five models. One dress. Three ladders. Two lights. 12 white folding chairs. Cupcakes. Mix them together and what do you get? Party Dress, designed by sisters Dana and Karla Karwas, " a music pavilion worn exclusively by five women seamlessly injecting architecture into fashion by using the body as space. Step inside the dress, taste a sweet cupcake, and enjoy an evening of chamber music."

It is like a collective version of Archigram's clothing for living in, or Ana Rewakowicz's sleeping bag dress, but for party time.


The architect/artists write in perfect architectspeak: "Party dress combines the charms of architectural structure and logic with the ephemerality and seductive power of fashion. Based on a dialogue between the rigid, precise geometries of architecture and the folds, drapes and softly molded forms of fashion, the dress is designed as a holistic system of points and folds. "


"Each seam, each dress, and each body is interconnected by a single, amorphous surface of flowing fabric. Engaging the community with an architectural performance, Party Dress unfolds to tell the story of how at the scale of the human, a temporary architecture event can transform the relationship of the body to space, and the space to memory. Party dress brings architecture, performance, and fashion together in one place."


::Party Dress via ::Designboom