PAD- Modular Homes from the UK


Pad is an interesting and elegant prefab idea with precast foundations, a service core and rooms that can be plugged in and added as needed. Two rules about modern prefab: 1) many designs are vapourware and the more wheels reinvented the less likely it is to happen; Pad does some serious reinventing but they have managed to get one built. 2) The real thing rarely lives up to the promise of the renderings. ::Pad and the real thing courtesy of ::evilcoffee's flickr review of the Grand Designs show in London.


"A Pad™ home is quick and easy to build because a lot less components are taken to site. The flexibility of the system means a Pad™ makes the most of the space you've got. And the rooms are all independent so you can change them without turning your life upside down."


1 Precast concrete foundation
2 Support core
3 Room module
4 Cladding panel
5 Roof module (optional solar panels)

Pad™ uses big building technology. There are three main stages: first, the precast reinforced concrete foundation and incoming services module are installed on site.

The support core is then built off this foundation. The house is then completed by adding rooms around the core. To meet any planning permission or zoning requirements we then finish the house in a range of materials.