Open House: Small Trailer Fans Out To Make Big Spaces

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So many great ideas for small space design come out of trailers and boats. Here is another: a trailer that folds out like a fan, a series of flatpack elements that turn a tiny trailer into a multiroom dwelling, where the walls can move according to the requirements of the moment.

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Designers Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor start with a unit that can be towed by a mini;

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and then unfolds onto a curved platform with tracks, on which the wall panels slide.

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The roof looks a bit implausible, and one wonders where all the shelf units and furnishings go,

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Like that crazy bench in the office, that seems to travel from room to room. But the idea of moving walls to adjust space as needed is something we have seen before in Gary Chang's Hong Kong Apartment, Domestic Transformer: 24 Rooms Packed Into One.

Via Yanko: Open House!

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