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We used to do a regular "On the Stands" feature, looking at the best of the architectural and design magazines. So many of them have died in recent years that it got depressing. But there are a few with stamina, that are surviving in this digital world. The way to survive is probably to design magazines that are keepers, too wonderful to put out in the recycling bin. Azure has been doing it for 25 years, and this month's Green issue is definitely a keeper, with its coverage of the latest in green modern prefab.
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The lead article by Mimi Zieger is full of TreeHugger favorites like Postgreen's 100K House and Passive Project, designed by Best of Green winner Interface Studio. Nic Darling of Postgreen was a bit surprised, writing:

Oddly, it is in an article on modular housing which I suppose is justified by the SIPs (structurally insulated panel) construction. We have never really considered those homes modular, and we have since moved away from any real connection with modularity (for the time being). However, we won't complain of anything that puts us in the pages of Azure.

But they are not all modular; the iT house by Taalman Koch isn't. Other TreeHugger favorites include the star of the cover, MYCC's Simple, Stunning Spanish Prefab Assembled In Three Days, and LivingHomes in Toronto LivingHomes and Nexterra Green Homes Team Up To Do Modern Green Prefab Right . Read the article online here

There is lots more, but Azure only teases online, you have to buy either the print or Zinio edition to get it in its full glory. See more bits of it here.

Full disclosure: I contributed to the last two green issues.
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