Nido Pods for London Students


We should all live as well as the students in London who get a Nido Pod. They are 144 square foot cubes: "A complete London apartment with private workspace, web access, a clever kitchenette and roomy storage to keep the whole chic look clutter free, and the ensuite [bathroom] helps make the early mornings and late nights a little bit easier."

They are built at a factory outside Warsaw and shipped to former NatWest Bank tower blocks across from King's Cross Station and slotted in. Students also get "a range of campus-type facilities such as common rooms, study rooms and a free gymnasium" and " a personalised swipe card that will serve both as front-door key and chargecard, allowing them to pay for (or rather get their parents to pay for) things such cleaning, laundry and essential cups of cappuccino."

A tiny, well-designed personal space with shared resources for those things that you need occasionally, in a converted office building that would otherwise probably be demolished, across the street from a subway in the heart of a great city. Where do I sign? ::Nido via ::Daily Telegraph


two bed nido cube:


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