New Sustainable Prefabs From Being Homes Have "Timeless Design"

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Le Corbusier said "Good Architects borrow, but great architects steal", and he stole the line from Picasso. It is all about being comfortable and talented enough to pay explicit homage to a master, instead of just borrowing bits and pieces.

I thought of it when I saw the press release for a new prefabricated housing concept from Being Design and Development ( Building Ecologically Ingeniously).

barcelona pavilion mies van der rohe

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It reminds me a lot of Mies Van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion, described at the Foundation Website:

The Barcelona Pavilion, a work emblematic of the Modern Movement, has been exhaustively studied and interpreted as well as having inspired the oeuvre of several generations of architects. It was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) as the German national pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition.

being development image interior

Being Developments calls their modular home "timeless design" and it certainly is that. They also claim that they are built sustainably, with natural materials, and will achieve an A++ energy rating, although that seems tough with so much glass. The company writes:

Buildings are built in a demand-driven and sustainable manner on the basis of a flexible and efficient set of construction methods. The advantages of this are self-evident, and are rewarded in the form of money, time savings, and optimum comfort.

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There is not enough information to make the virtues of the construction techniques self-evident to me, but they are nice to look at, especially if you are a fan of Mies. More at Being Development
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