New Definition of the School Portable by Gollifer Langston Architects

classroom of future side photo

The old school portable doesn't get any more portable than this, a "Classroom of the Future" designed by Gollifer Langston Architects for the London borough of Camden. It breaks out of the standard 40' container box, but uses standard container dimensions and corner castings so that it can be easily transported on a standard container chassis.

Hydraulic legs lift the unit off the chassis, which can then drive away;

classroom of future on legs photo

leaving the unit up in the air, until the hydraulic legs drop it to the ground.

classroom of future end photo

standard container widths are for goods, not students, so the side pops out do create extra room.

classroom of future interior photo

The architect writes:

"The proposal is to create a prototype highly ICT resourced demountable "clip-on" classroom for use throughout Camden.

The classroom will be able to be easily fitted out with advanced ICT, and to be installed rapidly, safely and cheaply within a range of primary and special schools in the borough, and potentially accessible to all others . It will be able to adapt and change to suit future scenarios and robust in technology and form.

An opportunity exists to facilitate the use of advanced and developing ICT in an innovative school based environment, different and complimentary to current provision and representing a window on the future.

A means of supporting and enhancing teaching , sharing of good practice and enabling widespread access to specialist teaching and learning materials.

A literal and metaphorical vehicle for learning, disseminating new technology and stimulating learning across the borough - container for ideas- wirefree, web and satellite connected, linking easily to the resources of local, UK and worldwide institutions."

classroom of future exterior

Gollifer Langston Architects via ::cube me
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