Nature in the Garage


The Prefabfanclub has been abuzz about garden sheds, like Modernshed and Deck House, as they are elegant, affordable and beat many zoning laws. Of course, Garden sheds can also be prosaic and boring, like the workmanlike units from Royal Plastics. This week, Gallery 1313 and the City of Toronto are sponsoring Nature in the Garage, where ten artists hack the standard Royal sheds " to provide viewers with an in-depth and stimulating learning experience about contemporary art in a non-traditional site"


Curated by Janet Bellotto, Nature in the Garage features artists who utilize the space of the shed to investigate and interpret conditions of the natural environment within an urban reality, while exploring the paradigm between art and environment. Artists include: Mary Anne Barkhouse (Minden, Ontario), Catherine Bodmer (Montreal/ Switzerland), Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Australia), John Dickson (Toronto), Noel Harding(Toronto), Yvonne Lammerich (Toronto), Gwen MacGregor (Toronto), Rod Strickland (Windsor, Ontario), Noboru Tsubaki (Japan), and Diing-Wuu Wu Walis (Taiwan). ::Nature in the Garage via ::Spacing Wire