N55's Walking House


Danish artists and activists at N55 developed the walking house so that one could live nomadically with little environmental impact: energy is collected via solar cells and small windmills and a small greenhouse module can be added. And not only can it collect rainwater, it's amphibious.

N55 says "The Walking House requires no permanent use of land and thereby challenges ownership of land and suggests that all land should be accessible for all persons. Society could administrate rights to use land for various forms of production of food for example, but ownership of land should be abolished."


"N55 furthermore suggest that WALKING HOUSES should be owned by all persons in common and used by the persons wanting to live in them."

TreeHuggers may remember N55's micro dwellings, similar but without the walking legs.

We are fascinated by projects like the Breckenridge Perfect Cottage or the miniHome where one can separate land from living; your dwelling unit is small and efficient enough that it can go where you do. We asked miniHome designer Andy Thomson what he thought of the walking house and he suggested: "You should tell them wheels will be cheaper!" ::Shedworking

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