More on RuralZED Green Prefabs


We were very excited when Sami first showed us ruralZED, the UK's first commercially viable, affordable and ready to purchase zero-carbon home; now there is more information on the RuralZED website.

"The ruralZED™ frame creates an airtight box onto which different roof and cladding options can be applied. This gives the flexibility to create eco villages and towns with interesting and varied streetscapes and also sensitivity to local vernacular."


"ruralZED™ has been designed to exceed the standards set by the code for sustainable homes. It was then respecified to meet the various lower levels starting with code 3 this year. This allows ruralZED™ to be offered with an upgrade path that can be retro fitted over time - futureproofing an
investment today to 2016 environmental performance standards. Investing in less would be foolhardy."


"Wherever possible ZEDfactory recommend South facing homes. However when urban design and street orientation preclude South facing units these East / West designs can work well. Most developments are a mixture of both."


"The frame is made from glulam timber which is an engineered timber that has better strength characteristics than normal solid wood. This frame can be erected in a couple of days, and is used to support white eco concrete internal panels that are installed easily with no need for wet
trades. The whole building is designed to be built by a local semi-skilled labourer, and removes the need for highly skilled dry and wet trades that cost time and money."

Download the big PDF for full details at ruralZED

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