Modular midrise takes Manhattan

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Prefab construction is fast, but getting there is not half the fun, it can take a very long time. Peter Gluck & Partners have been working on their Stack project since 2009; we last covered it in 2011. Built by Deluxe in Pennsylvania, it is now being assembled (at a rate of four modules per day) and will be ready for occupany by October.

The architect, Peter Gluck, tells Co.Design:

Normal construction is a nightmare. But by building indoors, away from the elements and with a concentrated group of crew members, you can easily supervise what’s being done, whereas in normal construction, that’s really hard to maintain.

The Stack from GLUCK+ on Vimeo.

This is simple, straightforward modular construction with load-bearing walls (Unlike the Atlantic Yards project, where modules are plugged into a structural frame) that I believe is the future of midrise construction.

Predictably, comments in Co.Exist include union bashing. This is now and will continue to be a big issue; New York construction unions are seriously entrenched, and construction is one of the few jobs that has not yet been outsourced. At the Atlantic Yards project, the plumbers union is suing the City for allowing work to proceed in the factory without licenced plumbers and sprinkler installers. Expect more of this as prefab and modular construction starts getting more popular.

Modular midrise takes Manhattan
Peter Gluck's Stacks project is being built in eight days using modular construction techniques. You will see a lot more of this.

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