Modular geometric curio builds and stacks up in many ways

Studio E.O
© Studio E.O

It's no secret that we love transformer and modular furniture; smart designs that can adapt to or maximize almost any space and also bring out the creative spirit in you. Studio E.O's ROOM collection is like a giant set of space-making modules, allowing you to configure these plywood forms into sculptural elements that happen to also store or display belongings.

Studio E.O© Studio E.O
Studio E.O© Studio E.O

Inspired by architecture and graphic arts, ROOM is a stackable system of 25 different blocks with geometric voids that allow users to mix and match them into any configuration they please, creating "furniture as rooms for objects." From the designers Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho:

When all the elements of ROOM are combined it forms either a long shelf or a tall cabinet with a variety of different graphical compositions. ROOM allows each user to pick their favorite elements to build up your own composition as a shelf, a table or just as a sculpture.

Each block was inspired by specific objects, creating various shapes and sizes. The round for wine, zigzag for phones, tablets and laptops, or peaked for an open book. Each block can be a room to invite any object, the composition is unlimited.

Studio E.O© Studio E.O
Studio E.O© Studio E.O

Made with matte lacquered plywood, ROOM comes off more as a modernist curio than a bookshelf; its reductionist form encouraging less cluttering, less stuff -- and more playful, flexible spaces that can morph to the whims of the moment. See more over at Studio E.O.

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