Modular Bookcase Transforms Into Moving Boxes

Brickbox modular shelving photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

When Lloyd first wrote about Brickbox's stackable, modular and multifunctional shelving, he noted that many internet commenters were already complaining about the price and suggesting they should be made from cheaper materials. Indeed, that comment soon attracted a few detractors suggesting that either a Kindle or a bunch of milk crates could do the job just as well.

But as someone who has just moved house, who spent a long time looking for waste cardboard boxes, and who had to dismantle a book case and will no doubt have to reassemble it again soon, I have to say there is much to be said for a book case that becomes a set of moving boxes.

Brickbox modular shelving 2 photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Granted, in a world where everyone lives like Graham Hill's LifeEdited project or digitizes everything, a bookshelf might start to feel like a quaintly antiquated device. But many of us are unlikely to give up our paper reading materials any time soon—and BrickBox is about as smart a way to create a commercially available book shelf as I can think of.

Here the good folks at Fair Companies visited the BrickBox creators to find out more.

Modular Bookcase Transforms Into Moving Boxes
Sometimes, a simple box can be pretty darned smart. This system of transformer, modular shelving proves the point.

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