Modern Modular Makes Sense in the Far North

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The construction season is short in Yellowknife, in Canada's Northwest Territories, and materials are expensive. Once you build a house it is expensive to heat; most furnaces run on very pricey fuel oil. It really sounds like the perfect setup for a very efficient and green modular home.

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ModHome Developments of Yellowknife figured that out. Joel Tanner of SMPL Design Studio explains:

The first of 4 confirmed projects for the group of companies, these first 2 units are 1301 square feet each and feature 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms all wrapped up in a tidy energy efficient package. The homes reached a score of 82 on the energuide evaluation system put out by the Government of Canada. This means the homes use 55% less energy to heat and power the home. How did the team achieve this? With the use of super efficient wall and roof assemblies, upgraded doors and windows, passive solar lighting and heating strategies, on demand hot water heating and finally a Heat Recovery Ventilator to keep the home healthy for its occupants.

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The homes also feature environmentally friendly bamboo flooring, and several zero maintenance finishing touches such as: metal and cement board siding, single membrane decking and roofing, PVC windows and zero scape landscaping qualities.

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The only downside of modular housing is that one is shipping a lot of air; these boxes traveled 1100 kilometers (683 miles). However the results are impressive. More at Modhome Developments

Modern Modular Makes Sense in the Far North
It goes together quickly in a very short Yellowknife construction season

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