Mobile Architecture is Wonderful, Until You Try To Find A Place to Put It

bsq shipping container office site

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One of the problems in mobile architecture is that there aren't a lot of places to put it. There are trailer parks for trailers, and urban lots for houses, but if you are in the city and you want to park a minihome or a shipping container, forget it. Robert Boltman and his partner Alex Bartlett of Bsq. Landscape Design thought that they had it made; a stalled retirement home project funded by some dead American lender seemed to be a perfect spot.

bsq shipping container office site photo

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Robert and Alex put their container there because they do a lot of work in the ritzy Forest Hill district of Toronto just to the north; it seemed like a good idea at the time. But in a city going through a construction boom, it was unusual to see a site just continuing to deteriorate and Bsq was beginning to get concerned about being tainted by it.

So they put up this clever sign to disassociate themselves from the project, and to help them in their search for a new location, turning a disaster into an opportunity.

bsq shipping container office site photo now

It does look a little forlorn here;

bsq home show

It looked much better two years ago at the Toronto Home show, when I visited and interviewed Robert.

bsq interior home show

at the home show, two years ago

It shouldn't be so hard. There was no place in town to legally park the minihome; it now sits in a storage yard. The city is full of back lanes and roofs where small, creative designs could be installed, but they are not allowed. It is why so many of the small prefabs and tiny houses end up in the country. What a shame, and what a missed opportunity.

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