MiniBox by Holzbox

It is a Minibox, designed by Enrich Strolz of Holzbox in 1998, all of sixty square feet. According to Detail, it was designed as a response to the challenge of designing a minimal dwelling.

"The architects proposed a transportable cubic house 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 m in size. The MiniBox can sleep three and contains sitting/dining space for four people, including a table with an integrated stove. A shower and a pull-out camping WC can be installed in the closet spaces. The timber construction system clad with formwork sheets can be assembled in a very short time. Internally, the fold-up table and benches provide great flexibility. A top light over the edge of the roof and a large window ensure good lighting conditions internally and broad views of the surroundings. The boxes would be suitable for use in disaster areas. A proposal to erect them about the city for homeless people was not implemented."


PDF from Holzbox here; via ::Materialicious, who thankfully is back in business.


MiniBox by Holzbox
"The architects proposed a transportable cubic house 2.6 x 2.6

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