Milton Studio by Cameron Scott


Garden sheds are becoming all the rage, for good reason; they are an economical way to get a little more space, they are riding the home office boom and they are a gateway drug for modern prefab. In Britain they have built them for centuries, and the experience shows.

Cameron Scott of Timber Design designed and built the 16' x 18' Milton Studio out of local wood and insulated it with wool from local sheep.


Cameron Scott told Alex at Shedworking: ""No concrete was used in the foundations, the building being supported on 10 galvanised steel mini-piles which were installed by hand. The roof is also galvanised steel from South Wales. On the face of it a steel roof might not seem the obvious sustainable choice, but with a high recycled content and being light, efficient and completely recyclable, steel scores well. Interior finishes are plasterboard and birch ply."


"Although it has not been calculated, we are confident that this building stores more carbon in its fabric than it has used in its construction. This is achieved primarily through the extensive use of timber and local materials along with the avoidance of concrete and petrochemical products."

photo credit: Adam Milton. Via::Shedworking

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