Micro House is designed to be stacked and packed

Microhouse exterior
© Studio Liu Luvin via Designboom

In December, Designboom showed the full scale model of a housing unit by Chinese designers Studio Liu Lubin that was " based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement, such as sitting, laying and standing." Now the first unit has been placed in a Beijing park.

Designboom writes: "the fiber-reinforced structure uses modular measurements to created a minimal dwelling that combines resting, working, washing and kitchen programming into a single unit."

TreeHugger has shown many small living units and tiny houses, but most are stand-alone. This one is so clever because of the tetris-like way they can fit together to build larger structures. There isn't a lot of room to move around inside, more like a boat interior than a house, but it is certainly efficient and packing them in! More in Designboom here and here.

Micro House is designed to be stacked and packed
Studio Liu Lubin designs a housing unit that is transportable and stacks up like a 3D Tetris game.

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