Micro Dwellings: Movable Housing Modules

You can party like it's 1969 in this proposal for modular housing that only Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could love. A series of truncated octahedrons act as living, sleeping and other uses indiscreetly described by the designers, and can be fitted together many different ways. And, this roof won't leak- they can be placed underwater. " The MICRO DWELLINGS are able to reflect changes in life, e.g. people moving in and out, the arrival of children, etc, as it is easy to add to the construction in stages. If people want to live together they can simply let their dwellings grow together, likewise, it is easy to separate modules and move them if desirable."

Developed by Danish Artists/activists N5, who also created the perfect way to get home to your module: the rocket-equipped bicycle.


::Manual for Micro Dwellings via ::WMMNA