Making The Most of The Sun - Vital House by Ulterior Mode

Vital House 2.jpg

We like the clean lines of the Vital House, but frustratingly, and rather typically, we can’t find out much about it. Designed by Erin Vali of Ulterior Mode we are told it is eco-friendly and economical, but no specs on either price or materials are provided. What we can tell you is that the Vital House is ‘designed to harness the sun’s energy through passive heating and cooling techniques.’ It is adaptable to almost any location and this particular model has four bedrooms and a double height open plan living space. Since we have been pulled up on heralding the arrival of affordable prefab before, we are rather wary of shouting about this one from the prefab rooftops! However we do know that Erin Vali has got a good record for economical architecture. The Husten-Haskin House in New York State was built for $185 per square foot including land, the house is 1800 square foot, with extra studio space of 900sq.ft. We’re just wondering if his eco-version will be more expensive. Via:MocoLoco ::Ulterior Mode