Maja: Prefab from Finland Treads Lightly

maja prefab finland rendering image

These are tough times to be introducing a new prefab, but Finnish-Japanese designer Naoto Niidome and furniture manufacturer Aamon are launching a new three-season cottage at the Finnish design fair Habitare09.

It is interesting because it looks so lightweight and minimalist, in a country with significant snow loads. And by making it three season, they are able to design it to be more open and airy.

maja prefab finland drawing image

They write in the press release:

Maja is a natural part of its environment. Niidome╩╝s idea is to make the surrounding nature the cottage╩╝s living room: the spacious, sunny space of the cottage brings you close to the environment, while protecting you at the same time. The more closed room of the cottage provides residents with privacy.

Much like Lego bricks, Maja can be augmented on the sides using the three basic blocks. If necessary, each element can be fitted with electricity lead-throughs and flue openings. Each module can be freely furnished. Each standard module has a door on one side.

maja prefab finland front elevation image

The high-quality materials and standard of detailing make Maja truly special. The interior cladding is knotless, white- waxed pine, birch or ash. On the exterior, the cottage is clad in 40 mm black batten. The 40 cm aluminium base of Maja looks delicate but is very sturdy. Designed to be small and lightweight, the Maja modules can be quickly assembled even on challenging sites.

Good luck finding the PDF of the press release on the Flashy Finnish site, of the Design Management firm Huippu, who should know better, under News, Maja. Thanks, tipster Alex!

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